Pre Purchase Property and Pest Inspections

A thorough, all in one Property and Pest Inspection inside and out. We search for all structural and cosmetic defects, in the house, roof cavity, sub floor, gardens, fences and out buildings.

Property Inspections

For PrePurchase to buy a house, or PreSale to sell at an Auction. This Inspection will search for all building defects, cosmetic and structural and may help to negotiate the price, if any repairs are needed.

Building Progress Reports

Building progress Reports are essential when contractors need payment, for stages completed in the building process.

Building Inspections

Building Inspections Report is used to detect Building structural defects, particularly following renovations or general building work. We use that latest and greatest report writing software to provide you with an easy to read inspection report This includes Sub Floor Inspection, Roof Area Inspection, Safety concerns/hazards, Wall cladding, Internal floor levels, Window frame rot, Gutters, downpipes etc.,

Pest Inspection

If you think you may have Termites, or just want peace of mind. This Inspection is a thorogh search, with a Thermal Imaging Camera for Termites, Borers, Wood Rot, Fungal Decay, and conditions conducive to termites. Early detection can save you Thousands of Dollars $$$ Call 0409 900 555

Strata Report

A Strata report is a must if you are purchasing a unit/villa with Strata Management . This inspection should be done by a suitably qualified strata inspector. There are many things that are not apparent from a visible inspection of the building. Call Us now to get a Strata Report on your unit before you commit to anything.

Dilapidation Report

It is the contractor of a new building, and as a condition of the contract, will be required to get a Delapidation Report. This is because it monitors damage as a consequence of the building process. The Inspection involves monitoring the surrounding buildings before, during and at the completion of construction. If there is any damage caused, it will be recorded and rectified. 0409 900 555
“Welcome to ” INSIGHT Property and Pest Inspections”. Here at “INSIGHT” we aim to provide you with an honest, professional, and well informed Property Inspection Report. We have been in the Building Industry since 1981, and we have been providing Inspection Reports since the earthquake shook Newcastle. This natural disaster caused major structural damage to many houses and buildings. We have also been supplying Inspection Reports, to Solicitors, Insurance Agencies, Loan Providers, Conveyancers, Real Estate Agents and the General Public. “
“We are still finding problems associated with the earthquake , but the major problem found in todays environment, is Termites. At “INSIGHT” we are trained in Timber Pest Inspections. We are also well informed in the identification of all pests, and their damage caused. We also have up to date tools and equipment, including Thermal Imaging Cameras, Moisture Meters, Borescopes and Probes They are all designed to give you the best information possible. SO CALL NOW FOR YOUR FREE QUOTE ON 0409 900 555.”