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Why do I need a building inspection?

A building inspection is important for a number of reasons. Buying a house is a very expensive investment, which takes most of us a life time to pay off. That is why a professional building inspection is needed, to make sure your property is safe, secure, and free from the many hidden problems that could cost you $1000”s of dollars. Remember, that a lot of houses are patched up to be put on the market, so let us make sure, that you have made the right, well informed decision.

Do I really need a Pest Inspection?

Yes. As human development takes away the native habitat of termites and other vermin, we are finding an increasing number of termites in cities and residential areas.1 in 5 houses will be affected by termites in their lifetime. So don’t take that chance, and make sure your home is free of termites, borers, wood rot and other little nasties, that could cost you $1000”s of dollars to fix.

How do I determine the condition of the home?

During the course of the inspection, the inspector will visually inspect the property as well as use state of the art instrumentation to properly access the general condition of the property . The inspector will then provide you with the ABC Pre-Purchase inspection Report so you can make an informed decision when purchasing the property.

What is a combined building and pest inspection report?

It is important that a building expert is chosen to assess the property you are about to purchase. A combined building and pest inspection report is designed to makes sure that there are no hidden defects. These defects, whether major or minor, may cause a lot of problems in the future, if they are not assessed, before you purchase the house of your dreams. These problems may include structural problems, rising damp, water leaks, electrical problems, termites and other potential safety hazards etc. Our reports are clear, honest and accurate, which will help you make a well informed decision, when purchasing your property.

Do I need a Thermal Imaging Report?

A thermal imaging report gives us valuable information, in hard to access areas. These areas can harbour the presence of termites, water leaks, electrical shorts or insulation problems. The thermal imaging camera is non invasive, and uses temperature patterns, to access areas behind walls, under floors and in the roof cavity.

What does the report cover?

The inspection report covers the following. The condition of the interior and the exterior of the property. The roof, guttering and drainage system, The roof cavity. The subfloor area. All wet areas, as well as fences, paths, driveways, outbuildings and walls. If you have any concerns about the property, let us know in advance, so we may answer any questions that you may have.

When should I get an Inspection?

Ideally, once the offer has been accepted on the property, an Inspection is usually carried out. This is because, if there are any major defects found, they can be negotiated between the purchaser and the owner, before contracts bare exchanged. If the contracts are exchanged before an Inspection has been done, you may not be able to negotiate on price.

When and how will I receive the report?

The report will be available within 24 hours if it is sent electronically, via email. If you choose to receive a colour printed hard copy, it will usually be the mail within 24 hours and received the next delivery day.

What is report made up of?

The building report we provide is a clear, comprehensive, honest and accurate description of the property. It is easy to understand, and detailed with a photographic summary, of all major or minor defects found at the property. We will make recommendations on areas that need further investigation, and advise you on problems that may arise. The pest inspection will report any evidence of termite activity, whether past or present. Any evidence of previous treatments for termites, borers, wood rot or fungi. We will list the conditions that may attract termites, or be conducive to termites, borers, wood rot or fungi.

Can I talk to an Inspector if I don’t fully understand the report?

A.B.C inspectors are Licensed Builders, trained and certified to meet the highest standards in the industry. Yes, you can call us about anything included in the report. We will be happy to advice on any special needs, or requests that you may require. We are available 7 days a week to take your enquiries.

My inspection is urgent. Can you come today?

It is possible to get it done that day, but most inspections are done the next day, after payment is received.

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