• Pre Purchase Property and Pest Inspections

      A thorough, all in one Property and Pest Inspection inside and out. We search for all structural and cosmetic defects, in the house, roof cavity, sub floor, gardens, fences and out buildings. The Themal Imaging Camera is then used for Termites, rising damp,heat transfer, insulation loss and water leaks. 0409 900 555
    • Timber Pest Inspections

      If you think you may have Termites, or just want peace of mind. This Inspection is a thorogh search, with a Thermal Imaging Camera for Termites, Borers, Wood Rot, Fungal Decay, and conditions conducive to termites. Early detection can save you Thousands of Dollars $$$$$$$$$$$ 0409 900 555
    • Property Inspections

      For Pre-Purchase to buy a house, or Pre-Sale to sell at an Auction. This Inspection will search for all building defects, cosmetic and structural and may help to negotiate the price, if any repairs are needed. All buildings are inspected for structural issues, unsafe areas, leaks and defects, inside and outside of the house. 0409 900 555
    • Commercial Lease Inspections

      A detailed photographic report showing the premises condition before the tennant moves in. It details all defects to be fixed by the lessor .It is inspected again when the leasee moves out, making sure it is in the same or better condition, as per the lease agreement. For Residential, Commercial or Industrial Properties. 0409 900 555
    • Quality Assurance Inspections

      A Quality Assurance Inspection is a Final Inspection Report, to make sure all workmanship and materials used, are of a quality standard. Every little cosmetic detail is reported on, because if buy as new, you expect it as new. These Inspections can be used as an unbiased report or opinion between the Builder and the Client. 0409 900 555
    • Delapidation Reports

      Delapidation Reports

      It is the contractor of a new building, and as a condition of the contract, will be required to get a Delapidation Report. This is because it monitors damage as a consequence of the building process. The Inspection involves monitoring the surrounding buildings before, during and at the completion of construction. If there is any damage caused, it will be recorded and rectified. 0409 900 555
    • Building Progress Reports

      Building progress Reports are essential when contractors need payment, for stages completed in the building process. Usually your Loan Provider requests these reports as a condition of the loan. An Inspection is required, when certain aspects of the work have been completed, to a acceptable standard. 0409 900 555
    • Thermal Imaging Inspections

      Thermal Imaging Inspections

      A Thermal Imaging Inspection identifies and measures Thermal energy. It basically sees what the eyes cant. It can let us see the transfer of hot or cold air, that can cost you thousands in electricity bills. Thermal Imaging can also be used to find Termites, rising damp, Plumbing or Electrical damage, Insulation problems ,and hard to find Water leaks. 0409 900 555